Candidate for SGU’s Vice President of Communication Management: Juliette Stratis


Photo and Video Credit: Ilouisa Salazar & Wakens Leonard

Name: Juliette Stratis

Major: Communications Management

Class standing: Junior

SGU position you applied for: Vice President of Communication Management

What experience do you have which makes you qualified for the position you’re running for and a better choice than your opponent(s)? 

I was Vice President of Community Relations for Alpha Sigma Tau. This position requires communication between myself and peers, professionals, and our headquarters. This helped me establish a strong sense of professionalism and a deeper understanding of what’s necessary to both build and maintain relationships with those above and around me. I also served as Panhel Delegate, in which all Panhel organizations come together to build a better community between all organizations. This allowed for open communication, helping each organization to be more successful.

Why do you want this position and what/who inspired or motivated you to run? 

I am running for VPCM because I know I can make a difference in the Leo community. At first, VPCM was something that wasn’t on my mind; however, my dad had always pushed me to be better and to do better, not only for myself but for my community. I can’t think of another way to give back to a community that has given me so much. I know that if given this opportunity, I will put all of my energy and drive into the growth of communication on our campus.

What do you hope to accomplish and how do you plan to accomplish these goals in your position? 

As VPCM, I would really like to stress communication. I will represent SGU but also represent every organization and club recognized by SGU. I will use social media to more heavily advertise on behalf of every club and organization as these are the students of Leo, and as VPCM it’s my role to be the communication and link for the student body. I will encourage every student to have a voice and utilize this to make our community one that more closely fits all of our needs as students. I will expand president’s council, desiring more collaboration of presidents between each club and organization to ensure all are succeeding at their highest potential. I plan to accomplish all of this through research, hard work, and drive. I understand what Leo has to offer and will use all resources to make a difference for our community for the better.

What would your first action in office be, if you are elected?

When elected, my first action would be to establish high levels of communication between myself and presidents of clubs and organizations as well as departments on campus. I know there’s a significant part of the student body who remains uninvolved because they are not exposed to the wide variety of activities and events offered on campus. I want the Leo community to support one another more through attendance and participation with these student-planned events.



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