Candidate for SGU’s Vice President of Communication Management: Melissa Opie


Photo and Video Credit: Ilouisa Salazar & Wakens Leonard

Name: Melissa Opie

Major: Criminal Justice – Criminalistics

Class standing: Freshman

SGU position you applied for: Vice President of Communication Management

What experience do you have which makes you qualified for the position you’re running for and a better choice than your opponent(s)? 

I am a very dedicated person and give 100% to everything that I do. I am only a 2nd-semester freshman, and I am already super involved on campus, and I already hold a leadership position as Secretary for Alpha Phi Omega. With my job as Secretary, I feel I would adjust to the job of Vice President of Communications very easily since I know how to use all forms of social media and can do everything a VPCM does.

Why do you want this position and what/who inspired or motivated you to run? 

I want to run for this position to gain more leadership skills and I am determined to grow as a leader by wanting to take on this leadership role for SGU.

What do you hope to accomplish and how do you plan to accomplish these goals in your position? 

I want to promote SGU events on social media and I also want to increase school spirit with getting more students involved on campus. Being involved on campus has done so much for me, and I want to see that happen to other students by being a part of SGU events.

What would your first action in office be, if you are elected? 

-I would promote any and every SGU event on social media, so that way we will get more students involved and in return build school spirit.

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