Beat Those Valentine’s Day Blues


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For some singles, Valentine’s Day can be one of the loneliest days of the year. But fear not! There are plenty of activities to help single folks keep those spirits high, even when surrounded by googly-eyed couples.

  1. Spend the day with friends and family.

Platonic loved ones are there to remind you that, though you’re feeling lonely, you are never alone. Take in a movie with your best buds or hit the mall with some gal pals. Engaging in group activities, especially with fellow singles, will help boost your morale.

  1. Treat yourself to your own version of romance.

Don’t ignore the holiday, embrace it! Get into the romantic spirit with some of your favorite love songs or rom-coms. Even go as far as dressing for the occasion. Put on that snazzy outfit that makes you feel confident and beautiful or handsome, then go strut your stuff for that certain someone you may be crushing on; you just might grab their attention.

  1. Veg out.

Make Valentine’s Day a “You” day. Put on your comfiest clothes and make it a Netflix day. Just relax with your favorite comfort foods and let the day run its course.

  1. Engage yourself in an activity that you love.

Take the time to re-discover a long-forgotten hobby or interest, or even find a new one. Find that special activity that will keep you occupied and bring you joy; who knows, maybe next year you’ll be partaking in this hobby with a special someone.

  1. Treat it like any other day!

After all, love is something that you feel every day, not just one out of 365. And be sure to stay positive. If you’re looking for love, reassure yourself that next year will be your year; you never know, it just might be.

Valentine’s Day can be a bummer for some, but it doesn’t have to be. Give some of these tips a try to help you beat those Valentine’s Day blues.

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