“Proud Mary”: Pure Action


Mary works for an organized crime family in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.”
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“Proud Mary” features Mary, a badass hit woman, played by none other than the Taraji P. Henson, who works for an organized crime family in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. However, due to her new, unofficial adoption of Danny, a 14-year-old homeless boy, Mary decides to give her dangerous life a break. She chooses to settle down with Danny, with or without the approval of “Daddy” (Danny Glover).

The story starts off with Mary in the process of carrying out a hit on a young man who was behind on his fees. Unfortunately, right after taking him out, she discovers that his son was in the house playing video games. Plagued with guilt, she did some investigating, and a year later, she finds the kid and decides to follow him around. Miserable, hungry, and caught up in a world of drugs, an abused Danny laid unconscious in an alley. It was then that Mary decided to step out of the darkness and save him from this gloom. After discovering the extent to which the drug lord, known as “Uncle,” had physically abused Danny, Mary decided to take matters into her own hands. Things took a turn for the worst. After starting up another war amongst the drug organizations in the town, Mary opts to leave behind her life of crime, but she is aggressively reminded by “Daddy” that she belongs to him; she has no choice but to stay and do as he commands. The situation becomes even worse with Danny in the picture as he wants Mary to bring him up and train him in the ‘family business.’

Despite a few fighting scenes and car tricks with the vivacious “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner playing in the background, this movie lacked an exciting storyline and it failed to include a decent plot twist. It was not as good as expected and was not worth watching in theaters. It is not one to see with the family, but because of the interesting development of a loving bond between a child and his father’s killer, it is not one to be ignored. It is especially worth watching to see Taraji kick butt and pull off a few cool stunts.

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