Is the Internet Causing Cable T.V. to become obselete?

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Why watch your favorite show on an actual television when you can watch it on your laptop or phone? If the big screen is your preference, you can watch it on your television too at your convenience. You can watch whatever you choose in your own time. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and special channels like HBO are competing against television networks. Is it really a competition when it seems like cable television is not even coming back?

Traditional cable companies have lost subscribers over the years because of their fierce competitors while online subscription companies are on the rise. Firstly, the costs of online subscriptions are cheaper. Viewers have a variety of options over what they want to see on the internet.

Most people are just trying to live within their means and are not interested in spending hundreds of dollars unnecessarily. In particular, college students are struggling to afford their bills. After spending thousands of dollars on tuition, living arrangements, groceries, and other things, why spend money on something as trivial as a high television bill when they barely even have time to watch television? Now, money can be spent on different things. Particularly, the money can be spent on more important things. Imagine not having to spend hundreds of dollars on your television bill. Hooray, no more overeating ramen noodles!

It only makes sense to go with the cheaper option of subscribing to internet services where you can binge watch your favorite shows in your own time. The convenience of coming home after a long day of boring classes to coming home to a comfortable bed to watch your favorite show is the real luxury. College internet is already free, so the only expense here is paying for the website’s subscription. How convenient is that?

On top of affordability, streaming services are very flexible. Cable companies would lock you into contracts for years at a time while with streaming services, unsubscribing is simple. With one click of a button, whenever you decide, you’re free. You do not have to pay a bill to terminate your service. In relation to their affordability, they are extremely cheap. You can sign up for these services for as little as ten to thirteen dollars monthly. Streaming services are also helpful. You can subscribe to your favorite shows, meaning when they are available to be watched, you will be notified. They also suggest shows that they think you would be interested in watching based on things you have previously watched.

Although streaming services have many pros, they also have many cons. To watch these shows, you need high stream internet. If you do not have internet, you will not be able to watch the show properly because it will keep pausing. Most people already keep their internet streaming, so this is not really a huge burden. Plus, your internet bill and subscription charge will probably be much less than your cable service. Obviously, if you do not have any internet, you will not be able to watch your favorite shows.

Cable services also come with pros and cons. In terms of pros, if you enjoy surfing channels, you can do this on an actual television. You can get multiple service packages. There are also cable packages that include sports, live sports!

In relation to cons, cable packages are very expensive. They may seem so awesome but only for the first year. Each year prices would increase. Any time prices rise would automatically be added to your monthly bill. This means before your contract even ends, your bill could rise. That sucks, doesn’t it?

Television networks are becoming obsolete in the face of Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and special channels like HBO. Television companies are losing money simply because they are unable to live up to the standards of internet services. Saving money on quality service is always a great option.

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