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The teenage star Camila Cabello is making her solo debut after breaking away from girl group Fifth Harmony.

Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao is publicly known as Camila Cabello. This time last year, fans were going crazy for the talented 19-year-old girl. Now, she is much more successful pursuing her solo career. The 20-year-old Cuban-American songwriter and singer is a product of the famous American girl group, Fifth Harmony. The group placed third on the popular television show “The X Factor”’s second season, which aired in 2012. Shortly after leaving Fifth Harmony, Camila was signed to a record deal with both Syco Music and Epic Records and released one extended play, along with two studio albums.

People assumed she would be bossy or diva-like since she left the girl group; there were a lot of harsh accusations on social media about her. Fortunately, she proved everyone wrong; her work has shown her to be a sweetheart. Coming out on her own was very risky because she owes her fame to Fifth Harmony. It was as if she was new to the world; she had something to prove that she could make a name for herself on her own. Camila Cabello had the power and drive to succeed alone, and she has done so in a short amount of time.

Camila’s collaborations have made her very popular. She collaborated with tremendously successful artists such as Shawn Mendes and Machine Gun Kelly; these songs were huge successes. They reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in the United States. She left the Fifth Harmony group in 2016, and her debut solo single “Crying in the Club” was released in 2017. That song paved the way for her successful solo career. Her latest album, “Camila,” has been reaching great heights. The album was on a rollercoaster ride from its announcement day to the day of its release. The original title of the album was “The Hurting, the Healing, and the Loving.”

“Camila”‘s success proves that this talented young woman can perform without relying on her previous girl group. Cabello hit huge success last summer when her song “Havana” featuring Young Thug became extremely popular internationally. This song was unique and creative. The variety of sounds and lyrical concepts flowed throughout the entire song. It was the No. 1 one hit on charts for quite a while; the catchy tune was bound to gain fame. So far, “Havanna” is one of her most successful songs and will be hard to top.

The album “Camila” begins with her song “Never Be the Same,” a favorite among fans; it is laced with falsettos. In “All These Years” and “Real Friends,” she sings about loneliness and lovelessness. The songs are quite open and raw, which is evident from song lyrics like “Every time I let somebody in, I found out what they’re all about.” She pours her heart out about past emotional experiences. This is helpful to listeners as they get to know more about her in her songs. “Consequences” is another song in which she opens up. She describes all she gave up for someone she previously loved, “loving you was sunshine, but then it poured, and I was so much more than my senses.” The songs “All These Years” and “In the Dark” are quite upbeat, and she gives a lot of insight into her lyrics. “Something’s Gotta Give” speaks more about heartbreak.

In her sassy salsa song “She Loves Control,” Cabello speaks about her life, describing a girl who was frustrated and yearned to figure out her place in the music industry. She proved herself with the variation of her songs. In “Inside Out,” she showed her bilingual side, singing back and forth between English and Spanish. Fans also get to hear about how she grew up in this song

with lyrics like “Grew up south of Miami” and “That’s where I was when you found me.” She gives her songs a special twist as she goes back and forth between genres like pop and country.

Although the album is off to a great start in her new career, it would be nice if she could expand on her motivation behind her songs as most of them are ultimately love-related. While the music itself varies, it would be refreshing if the lyrics were less love-centric all the time. It would have been ideal for her to incorporate a bit more of her life and feelings into her song lyrics. Regardless, the album was a great one; it just would have been even better if fans were able to get a better understanding of her character.

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