Lions’ Pride Staff Thanksgiving Adventures

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Kierra Gordon

Thanksgiving in The Bahamas was enormously eventful. Each day of the week was spent doing something different. Although this was mainly a Thanksgiving visit, it would have been incomplete without a quick trip to the beach. As I sat in the calm, crystal clear water, the hot sun was piercing against my skin. Since I was surrounded by palm trees, the wind blowing cooled me down. It was the most peaceful thing I had experienced in a long time. The popular Bahamian dishes of peas and rice, potato salad, baked macaroni and cheese mixed with the worldly popular, ham and turkey on the day of Thanksgiving made the trip a lot better. I was surrounded by family members and close friends discussing what we were all thankful for and enjoying the delicious food. It was a very delightful combination. Another day, I ate a bowl of conch salad and had an icy, strawberry and piña colada daiquiri. Conch salad consists of conch, onions, tomatoes, fresh orange juice, salt, green peppers and lime juice. Most of my trip consisted of eating meals I would not regularly eat in college. For example, I ate Bamboo Shack. Bamboo Shack is a restaurant offering delicious fried food as well as seafood. The menu extends to chicken breasts or thighs, cracked chicken, chicken wings, jerk chicken, cracked conch, fish fingers and crack lobster served either in the form of a dinner with rice and two side orders or with fries. It was just as enjoyable as it sounds. Going back home was a fairly peaceful experience I truly missed being able to enjoy. Thanksgiving break was a time to celebrate what really matters with people that matter the most. I enjoyed spending time with my loved ones, catching up on stories, eating great food and creating more memories.

Travis Farmer

For my Thanksgiving vacation, I went on a trip to the United Kingdom with Saint Leo’s “The World of Harry Potter” class. As a group, we traveled to the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the Warner Bros. Studio where many Harry Potter props are kept, and also to Edinburgh Castle, Holyroodhouse Palace and the Scottish Highlands. Spending 10 days in London and Scotland for Thanksgiving was simply amazing. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and we can’t thank Saint Leo and Dr. Duncan enough for giving us the chance to go on this trip.”

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