The Poison Apple


The launch of three new IPhones by Apple has been at the center of debate within the last month, as prices of the handheld device continue to rise.

With just over four weeks since the release of the iPhone 8/8 Plus, consumers are bewildered with deciding to purchase the iPhone X.  The iPhone X has a slated release date of November 3 and is rumored to have limited availability with only a projected three million units prepared for shipment, according to Forbes magazine.  

The decision to release both phones under the relatively short period, coupled with the expensive price tags, has placed the company under immense scrutiny. Patrons have questioned the validity of their loyalty to the brand, as rumors have circulated circa spring 2017 on the phones’ innovation.

Still confused and trying to figure out which iPhone is best? Consider the following projected upgrades for the iPhone X and feedback from consumers of the iPhone 8 before making a purchase.

Display Size & Quality

The most impressive feature of the iPhone X is that it boasts a fantastic 5.8-inch display, which takes complete advantage of the space that the home key has sat in since the first Generation. The phone will be the first in Apple history to use OLED quality screens. Previous generations have used IPS LED quality screens which are very good; however, it stands in the shadows of Samsung, who has been using OLED displays since 2013.

Alternatively, the iPhone 8/8 Plus has an impressive 4.7 and 5.5-inch display respectively, that utilizes the standard Retina HD display. Consumers have reported positive reviews with the phone displaying vibrant colors and ease of viewing at different angles. The True Tone Display technology has also wowed consumers as the feature permits the screen to adapt to the user’s room lighting.  The phone has been rumored to have the most robust screen. However, Apple has yet to verify whether robust refers to drop or scratch resistance.

“The home button is the tradition in iPhones, and I would select the iPhone 8 hands down,” said Seida Rodriguez, a sophomore and biomedical and health science major.

Charging & Battery Life

The iPhone 8 has the same design that Apple has used since 2014; however, it sports a glass back that is sleek looking but supports wireless charging.  Consumers of the iPhone 8 have complained that for rapid charging to occur, the included charging wire must be replaced with the IPad or in some instances Mac chargers. The company has accomplished this with the new AirPower mat, which is included with the phone.  The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus possess a 1,821 mAh and 2,675 mAh battery permitting 14 and 21 hours of talk time, additionally adding 40 and 60 hours of continuous audio playback.

The iPhone X exerts itself with the new full-screen design, also utilizing the wireless charging system. However, it has a 2,716 mAh battery that comparatively gives the same 21 hours of talk time with 60 hours of audio playback that is also seen in the iPhone 8 Plus.

Storage & Processing

Both series of the iPhone begin with 64 GB and increase to an excess of 256 GB, which allows ample room for photos and videos.  Apple’s new A11 Bionic chip boasts as being extremely fast, allowing apps to be loaded in fractions of a second when compared to its competitors.  Web browsing has also increased exponentially in both phones, but it is still lagging when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Camera Quality

For most users, camera quality is the piece de resistance. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus both have a 12 Megapixel camera that portrays images in a whopping 1.8 aperture when coupled with noise reduction, allowing vibrant photos in low light situations.  

Similarly, the iPhone X has a 12 Megapixel camera with a wide-angle aperture of 1.8 and telephoto aperture of 2.4.  In addition to noise reduction, the phone is fitted with a back-illuminated sensor that increases the amount of light captured in each photograph.

Video qualities are the same in both the 8 and the X, as they capture slow-motion video in 1080p quality at 30 and 60 frames per second (fps).

Final Word

Controversially, the only piece of new technology levied that is present in the iPhone X is the facial recognition technology that has still not been entirely vetted by users.

Joshua Williams, a sophomore and information technology major, stated, “The iPhone 8 is my phone of choice, as I don’t that the face recognition technology is as safe as touch ID.”

Teetering even more on the controversial lines are the expensive price tags associated with the phones as the 8 Plus and X are $949 and $1,149 respectively.  

“The price tag is a significant hurdle to getting any iPhone but, if I could I would change to an iPhone,” said Sophomore and Business Management major Tahlii Jackson, who is currently an Android user.

Jackson’s comments are analogous with Williams’ and a broad demographic of persons that have the higher appreciation for Apple products but are stifled by the enormous prices.  Critics similarly question why Apple has yet to streamline their expenses, despite their tenure within the telecommunications market.

As a fair warning, Black Friday and other holiday sales are fast approaching. Before committing another two years to a service provider that may not provide the best coverage plans, be advised that prices are sure to drop and new technology will be introduced to the market.  Holistically, being patient and allowing the technological bugs to be worked out may offer more results than purchasing on impulse.

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