The Top 10 Mistakes College Students Make



Going to college is both a fun and smart choice for youth to make in their life. However, with this choice comes new experiences as well as new mistakes to potentially make. These mistakes can make the “fun” view of college turn into frustration or even a total nightmare for some students. So, to help stop some students from making the same mistakes that others have made, here are the top 10 that most often occur.

  1. Thinking that Electives Are Easy

Elective courses often get the short end of the stick because many students think that no effort goes into passing them. However, there is a good chunk of them in which one will need to devote time to if they want to succeed. Never underestimate any class’ workload because sooner or later, an elective will be harder than you ever thought it could be.

  1. Not Getting a Side Job

Let’s face it, money is a major necessity to survive in the world; and a good way to make money is, of course, getting a job. Now, a lot of students are hesitant to get a job because it takes up time, but most jobs will work around students’ schedules. Also, if an outside job is too daunting, there are on-campus jobs that are perfect for students. Just make sure to apply for them at the beginning of the semester before they fill up. Plus, this is a good way to gain some experience for a résumé.

  1. Isolating Oneself from People

While many break out of their shell in their sophomore or junior year of college, many freshmen and early undergrads are still stuck with the “high school hierarchy” mentality. Due to this, the first year of college can be lonely and downright depressing with a lack of socialization. The people on campus, whether it be staff or students, are often fun and interesting individuals with their own goals and problems. It might be surprising how easy it actually is to make friends in college compared to how it was in grade school.

  1. Doing a Group Project with a Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

A group project with one’s special someone sounds like a great time. However, many young relationships don’t last long, so, sooner or later, breaking up becomes a possibility. Where does one go from there? Nowhere. A student would then be stuck with a person whom they feel bitter toward and would be forced to finish the project with them. Pick a friend to work with or someone new to make friends with.

  1. Less School, More Partying

College students are finally adults. The world is their playground, and they just want to have fun. I mean, who doesn’t? However, this is a university and students are here on a mission: to earn a degree. A few parties here and there can be great for students to let go of some stress and steam. Although, don’t get distracted with too many parties and forgot about classes and assignments. Have fun, but still be responsible in one’s school life as well.

  1. All-Nighters During the School Week

“Oh, no! I wasted my work time today watching a show and hanging out with friends! It’s okay, though, I’ll just pull an all-nighter.” This is a go-to way for students to get work done without having to worry about time. While this isn’t the worst idea, the body and mind will think that it is. The work albeit does get done, however, if you have classes the following day, it may be difficult to stay awake during the lessons. If the urge to pull an all-nighter ever strikes, at least do it on a Friday or Saturday so one can sleep in the next morning.

  1. Procrastinating on Assignments

Everyone has been guilty of doing this at least once throughout their educational track. A student is assigned something important, but so many other things come up or they simply completely forget to write it down. Suddenly, the student has a make or break assignment due the following day, and they haven’t even started it yet. Very few times will the student come out victorious in this situation, so it would be beneficial to write the assignment down and start it as soon as possible. The quicker it gets done, the less stress the student suffers.

  1. Not Using Tutors

The feeling of being able to understand a course’s material independently feels really great and rewarding. However, if a student really can’t wrap their head around a concept, the tutors in the C.A.V.E. are there to help. Researching a topic that is difficult to understand can sometimes be in vain. It is better to utilize the tutors who are there to help students work through subjects in a less stressful and sometimes simpler way.

  1. Not Going to Teachers’ Office Hours

College isn’t like high school in the sense that it is rare to ask teachers for any kind of help. The professors on campus have office hours for a reason. This is one of the best ways for teachers to help students with subjects one-on-one. Not going to the professors for help is a mistake commonly made due to students feeling like they are bothering them or that they are intimidating. Don’t be afraid of professors. They are human just like you and know how hard courses can be.

  1. Not Reading the Course Material/ Books

After paying all that money to buy the books necessary for succeeding in a course, where do the books go? They often don’t even get opened until it’s time for a test. This is the greatest mistake that a shocking amount of students make all the time. It is understandable that students have a life to live outside of school, but reading the course material is a key part of passing any class.

College is still a fun and exciting place where students have the potential to make many memories, whether good or bad. If students try to avoid these commonly made mistakes, they are sure to have an even more stress-free time at Saint Leo.

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